Front view of the Hippity Hop— Frog Hat. The main color is lime green, it has black and white eyes that stick out of the top. Two light pink cheeks and a black smile are on the hat's body. It has a wavy brim.
Back view of the Hippity Hop— Frog Hat. It shows the all-green body, wavy brim, and green backs of the eyes.

Hippity Hop— Frog Hat

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This adorable froggy hat is just about the cutest accessory you can buy! It's great for blocking out the sun... and also raking in the compliments! 🤭 It features a flattering wavy brim and reinforced frog eyes that always stand upright!

🐸 100% acrylic yarn

🐸 One size fits most. Snug enough to fit small heads and stretches to fit larger heads